Swimming Teacher Training

So, you want to be a swimming teacher?

Train with Swim-Teach-Train the STA way, and be qualified to the highest of standards.

Respected throughout the UK, STA’s teaching practices, training programmes and standards have now been adopted in over 20 countries throughout the world.

What’s the work of a swimming teacher like?

Swimming Teachers work with people of all ages and abilities – from babies to adults – to teach them this valuable life skill that will enable them to be safe in and around the water. Swimming Teachers have to work in hot, humid and noisy poolside environments and must be able to offer learners clear instruction, guidance, encouragement, motivation and support.

Swimming Teaching offers great flexibility because you can often select the hours of work that best suit you on either a casual or contracted basis. Some experienced Swimming Teachers often go on to set up their own swim schools or teach swimming at holiday resorts abroad.

swimming teacher training

How much will I earn?

Swimming Teachers can expect to earn between £10 and £25 per hour.

What qualifications do I need to be a swimming teacher?

Swim-Teach-Train follow the STA training syllabus for Swimming Teachers. You will start by taking a qualification to teach beginners, (The Award course) after which you may want to complete the further training that enables you to teach improving and advanced swimmers (The certificate course).

What career progression will be available once I have completed my swimming teacher training?

Qualifying as a Swimming Teacher is just the beginning of what can be a very rewarding career. If you find that you really enjoy teaching, you may wish to take further specialist qualifications that will enable you to work with babies, pre-schoolers or those with a disability.

swimming teacher training

More Information


You will undertake a combination of theory work and practical teaching sessions with your course tutor, we will introduce you to a range of different teaching methods and practices. At the end of the course, you will have an examination to test your understanding, but your tutor @ Swim-Teach-Train will ensure that you are well prepared for this. As part of your course with STA, you will receive training in lifesaving and swimming pool rescue techniques. Therefore, it is important that you are confident in and around water.


You will be able to complete your initial training to teach beginners within a week and it will cost approximately £250. This may vary from course to course but it’s worth remembering that ‘the STA route’ to learning to become a teacher is widely acknowledged as the most cost-effective provider of training in the country. This initial investment will be repaid quickly once you find employment. Train with Swim-Teach-Train and be qualified to the highest of standards.

There is a national shortage of Swimming Teachers in the UK, so if you are armed with an STA qualification, your services will be in high demand.


You will need to be 16 years old before you can train to become a Swimming Teacher.


Your STA Swimming Teaching qualification is valid for five years. It is important that you attend regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training because this will enable you to revalidate your qualification at the end of the five years without the need to retake the entire course.


All STA Swim Teaching qualifications sit on Ofqual’s Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and are accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) in Scotland. Beyond this, STA qualifications are accepted in numerous countries across the world.


STA was founded in 1932 with the specific aim of training Swimming Teachers. With all those years of experience, it’s clear to see why thousands of people successfully complete swimming courses with STA each year. Acknowledged as international experts, you can be assured that the training you receive will be second to none.

So please contact us today to start your new career in teaching swimming!

What our swimmers say


Since joining the club in April this year we have been so impressed with all the progress both our children have made. As a headteacher, I appreciate the kind (but no nonsense approach) of both instructors. They are nurturing, kind, have a good sense o humour and ensure all the children remain focused...

Cath W.


My 3 children have swam with Wet Wet Wet since 2009. They joined at just school age, and now my eldest is 14. They are all so confident in the water safe and really strong swimmers. The teachers go above and beyond and really care about if the children are happy and progress... I’m so glad my children have continued with Wet Wet Wet... 

Lisa R.


Over the years both my kids and myself have had lessons with Wet Wet Wet. Rachel and Matt got me from not being able to swim a length of front crawl to being really competent at it, and Rachel now (patiently!) teaches my daughter each week. The office are friendly, good communications and updates are clear. Classes are fairly priced and are at pools around Brighton on various days so lots of choice - thanks!

Gill S.


My little one can be a hard one to tackle.. but your teachers have done it.. Got some fabulous stamina built and some excellent technique.. as a swimming teacher myself i would LOVE to be a member of your team!! A wholesome and fun place to swim!!


Everyone is so lovely and personable at WetWetWet. My little boy absolutely loves going and has grown in confidence and ability over the last few months. Highly recommend!


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