Curriculum – School Swimming Lessons

WetWetWet Swim School can be contracted on a ‘by the term’ basis. You will be provided with a regular swimming instructor who at the start of the contract will assess each child individually on their current swimming ability. All children would then be put into appropriate groups of a similar ability and taught a progressive teaching plan covering all swim strokes and associated water skills.

Swimming Benefits

There are many benefits for your children learning to swim with WetWetWet SWIM SCHOOL:

The swimming tuition your pupils will receive is encouraging, professional, friendly and progressive.

If the swimming instructor you have been assigned is on holiday/off sick, we provide you with a ‘cover’ instructor. Your children need never miss a swimming lesson. – All of our aquatic teaching equipment is ‘up to date’, improving pupil’s stroke techniques.

We recognize that children need to have short term goals, in addition to long term goals. We have therefore devised a grading system that is unique to our School. Children are assessed and graded towards the end of each school term.

In addition to our ‘independent grading system’, WetWetWet Swim School also supports the ‘Swim England’ National Curriculum and Water Safety goal, aiming to meet the government required standard that all Key Stage 2 children will be taught water safety understanding and how to swim a minimum distance of 25m.

The importance of learning to swim at school

Drowning is the third most common cause of accidental death in children. Here at WetWetWet Swim School, in conjunction with Swim England, we believe all children should have the opportunity to learn how to swim and be taught how to stay safe in and around water.

Many children learn to swim outside of school. But for some, primary school will be the only opportunity they have to learn these vital lifesaving skills.

That is why it is so important to ensure all children have access to swimming and water safety lessons through the school curriculum.

swimming teacher training

Why is this so important?

Swimming isn’t just about being able to have fun in the water with family and friends (although it is and you should!). It’s also about knowing what to do if someone gets into trouble. Or if a strong current takes your friend away from the edge. Or you fall in when running by the sea, a river or canal.

Swimming is also incredibly good for your physical and mental health and wellbeing – it’s the only activity you can do at any age and at any ability. 

Why does your child learn to swim at school?

The Department for Education understands the importance of learning to swim – it is the only physical activity which can save your life.  Swimming and water safety are part of the national curriculum. The three key outcomes within the physical education curriculum all children are expected to achieve by the end of year six are:

School Swimming Curriculum Outcomes
surrenden swimming pool

Schools currently using the WetWetWet SWIM SCHOOL curriculum include:

Hove Junior School

Portland Road, Hove

Hove Junior School

Holland Road, Hove

Brighton & Hove Girls School

Radinden Manor Road, Hove

St Marks CE Primary School

Manor Rd, Brighton

Brackenbury Primary School

Locks Hill, Portslade

What our swimmers say


Since joining the club in April this year we have been so impressed with all the progress both our children have made. As a headteacher, I appreciate the kind (but no nonsense approach) of both instructors. They are nurturing, kind, have a good sense o humour and ensure all the children remain focused...

Cath W.


My 3 children have swam with Wet Wet Wet since 2009. They joined at just school age, and now my eldest is 14. They are all so confident in the water safe and really strong swimmers. The teachers go above and beyond and really care about if the children are happy and progress... I’m so glad my children have continued with Wet Wet Wet... 

Lisa R.


Over the years both my kids and myself have had lessons with Wet Wet Wet. Rachel and Matt got me from not being able to swim a length of front crawl to being really competent at it, and Rachel now (patiently!) teaches my daughter each week. The office are friendly, good communications and updates are clear. Classes are fairly priced and are at pools around Brighton on various days so lots of choice - thanks!

Gill S.


My little one can be a hard one to tackle.. but your teachers have done it.. Got some fabulous stamina built and some excellent technique.. as a swimming teacher myself i would LOVE to be a member of your team!! A wholesome and fun place to swim!!


Everyone is so lovely and personable at WetWetWet. My little boy absolutely loves going and has grown in confidence and ability over the last few months. Highly recommend!


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