WetWetWet SWIM SQUAD is an exciting development programme for our top level swimmers. Sessions run for 1 hour and include set work, stroke analysis, practice and correction, speed and endurance training.We hold an annual in house gala and events to encourage the competitive side in our swimmers.


We hold an annual in house gala and host and attend outside swimming events to encourage the competitive side in our swimmers.


We are not a swim club; therefore you will be scheduled to swim once or twice a week for your own pleasure, water safety and fitness levels. Our aim is for you to strive to beat your PB but you will not be under any pressure. We hold in house gala's annually which are great fun, good for team building and feed your competitive streak. We also host and attend local galas with other swim schools and swim clubs, of which we are incredibly proud of our win rate which is high, especially considering many of the opponents we are competing against are with swim clubs that train 5 times per week.


WetWetWet Swim Squad aim to help produce a new generation of children who can not only swim competently but also have a strong awareness of water safety and rescue principles. Our Swim Squad programme includes essential lifesaving practices.


When attending Swim Squad you can expect to be trained by qualified tutors - we tweak your stroke, encourage your speed and define your technique. Our squad swimmers are of such a high standard - we are increasingly proud.

Swim Squad Timings

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