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our 2014 sponsored children are starting their third terms in swimming, they have all made amazing progress this year… See some of their stories here.

Robyn and WetWetWet Swim School

Swimming Progress blog for Robyn, 27th April 2014 - Lesson No 1 by Robyn's Mum

Today is the first day of Robyn’s one year swimming course with WetWetWet Swimschool, and to say that we, as a family are excited is an understatement. Robyn was raring to go! We arrived at 2.30, half an hour early for her 3 pm lesson. Just enough time for her to take on some energy in the form of some carbohydrates and a tangerine. Robyn is an energetic 4 year old and like all budding young swimmers requires a regular energy intake.The weather was both sunny and rainy, a typical UK spring day when we arrived and she was ready almost immediately after changing into her favourite swimsuit. The changing booths are clean, spacious and well organised.

Upon arrival we were made to feel very welcome and were asked to take photographs of Robyn’s lesson. Not a problem for us, we have filled up many hard drives with pictures of Robyn growing up, typical Proud parents.

We had about 10 minutes before the lesson started but this was no problem as there was plenty of seating around the pool and Robyn enjoyed looking through the books that had been left out for the children to read whilst waiting.

Robyn's instructor Matt made us all feel very comfortable, Robyn in particular, you can tell that he has a very good rapport with young children and Robyn took to him immediately!

Matt asked Robyn to sit on the side of the pool while they chatted and he attached a buoyancy aid to her waist. She jumped in and started swimming with a float, concentrating on kicking and using her arms. Matt also showed Robyn how to use floats and the noodle, all the time making it fun!

Matt was very encouraging and made the lesson fun for Robyn, he had a really calm aura about him and this really made Robyn feel comfortable and relaxed. Gradually Matt reduced the amount of buoyancy aids to see how strong Robyn was and she did very well in making it from a quarter of the way down the pool back to the end. By this time she was getting a little tired so they concentrated on how to get out of the pool, an important skill.

All in all we were very pleased with Robyn’s first lesson. She loved it, and was asking about next week’s lesson already! As parents we really enjoyed watching Robyn making so much progress during the lesson – more than we had seen her make before and all just within a 30 minute lesson!

Nothing was rushed and we never felt like there was any rush during the lesson. But most importantly Robyn had a massive smile on her little face all the way through her lesson. What was nice was the way Matt took the time to have a brief chat with us after the lesson to comment on how Robyn did.

Above all Robyn found the lesson fun, and used up so much energy she fell asleep in the car 10 minutes into our journey home (rare these days)!

Robyn Swimming Blog – Week 2 04/05/14

Lesson number two was meet with great anticipation today, Robyn was really keen to get in the pool and get started! There were more children in the lesson today (6) and three members of staff helping them out, so every child got a lot of one on one help and they all received lots of attention and were not left waiting around for ‘their turn’.

Todays lesson began with a quick warm up consisting of lots of kicking in the water trying to splash Matt and the rest of the team, a great fun way to get all the children eager and alert!

The rest of the lesson focused on backstroke with lots of help to keep her guided, Robyn looked like she was really enjoying this and still managed to smile and chat throughout! I think she was able to relax as she knew that Matt or one of the other teachers were right there with her, and you could see the other children also gaining confidence and managing to do some of the backstoke without the teachers holding them.

Some of the lesson involved Robyn holding two floats and swimming unaided – we were amazed at how much more her confidence had grown after just last weeks lesson. All in all the 30 minute lesson went really quickly but so much had been covered, and at no time did it seem that parts of the lesson were being rushed.

Robyn was tired on the way home, but stayed awake as she was looking forward to her roast dinner when we got home. We asked Robyn what part she enjoyed the most about the lesson and her reply was “All of it, and I loved splashing Matt with the other kids".

Flossie and WetWetWet Swim School

Flossie is 3 years old. She is swimming for free with WetWetWet Swim School for one year.

Flossie had her first swimming lesson today. She has spoken about it a lot over the past few weeks with much excitement but when we arrived at the pool she started to get a little nervous. When it was time to get into the pool she cried and didn't want to get into the pool. Matt, her instructor, advised us to sit on the side and join in when Flossie felt comfortable. This only took a few minutes and soon floss was joining in with lots of splashing and giggles. The lesson was very relaxed and lots of fun, which I think was perfect, especially for the first session! The children used a variety of floats, woggles and back packs and did a mixture of swimming, jumping in (Flossies favourite) and practicing getting in and out of the pool safely. At one point Matt asked Flossie to swim with him but she got upset and wanted to stay with me. Matt didn't push it at all and quickly moved on to the next activity. Although she got upset a couple of times Flossie really enjoyed her lesson and I was really impressed with Wet Wet Wet swim school.

Sarah Scott – Flossie’s Mum

Flossie absolutely adores her lessons. She is gaining more and more confidence every week. Matt keeps the lessons interesting and exciting by introducing a number of new activities every week alongside some regulars that Flossie knows and looks forward to (she sings the songs to go with the activities throughout the week!). Last week Flossie swam two lengths of the pool using only a noodle, half a length using a back pack and a couple of metres completely unaided, which was all totally amazing!

Sarah, Flossie's Mum June 14

Floss is really enjoying the lessons. She is much more comfortable with Matt now and every week before we get into the pool says 'I like Matt, Matt is my friend', which is great as the first week she was very unsure of him. Matt has gained a little more trust every week with a very gentle approach. Floss loves the games that are played in the pool every week and has taught her elder sister the songs that accompany the games! I have seen a noticeable improvement in Flossie’s ability and confidence. Last week floss even swam half a pool length on her own with only the aid of a back pack (although she didn't realise that no- one was holding her!!). We are so pleased with her lessons and how well she is doing.

Flossie's Mum Sarah


Btw, Sofia is a complete mermaid these days and does half an hour up and down Swiss Cottage pool, snorkels and wants to be a marine biologist all jump started by www.

Kit Fordham
- 19/07/2016

We hope to be back with Mat, he is a fantastic swimming teacher - possibly the best we've had across 6 swim schools our children have attended. Please pass this on to him and we hope to be back soon.

Rachel Hale
- 19/08/2015

Daisy had a replacement swim teacher and assistant on the last day on Saturday. It was Sam and Daisy. They made an excellent teaching pair, encouraging all with praises and jokes and Daisy enjoyed that lesson tremendously. Perhaps, you might have already had feedback from some of the other parents as some of us were discussing it after the lesson. The group def enjoyed and gained a lot of confidence during that session with Sam & Daisy. We hope we will see them again in the Sept term and hopefully teach Daisy.

Subhatra Grange
- 22/07/2015

Since joining the club in April this year we have been so impressed with all the progress both our children have made. As a headteacher, I appreciate the kind (but no nonsense approach) of both instructors. They are nurturing, kind, have a good sense o humour and ensure all the children remain focused. Therefore everyone benefits from their tuition without being distracted by pupils messing about being silly. Both Ewan and Francesca have made huge strides with their swimming (or should I say strokes !!) since joining. Thank you. Please pass on our appreciation to all the Wet Wet Wet team. Keep up the dedication and hard work. kindest regards

Cath Walker
- 19/07/2015

Matt is simply fabulous. He very quickly got to know my little monster and has been just spot on ever since. Ruby not only has progressed in her confidence but also her technique. She respects Matt and his opinon and most importantly his advice. Thank you so much wet wet wet! X

Mum of Ruby (5)
- 13/07/2015

Want to teach your kid how to swim with confidence then book WetWetWet Swim School. The coaching is ace, the people welcoming, the kids love it!

Nigel Buchanan
- 03/06/2015

My kids have both enjoyed coming here for some time now. For us the Surrendean Pool is great as it means we can walk here. The teachers have all been great here too. I recommend WetWetWet to other parents.

Nicole Shelly
- 03/06/2015

My kids have both struggled with swimming and WetWetWet have always been very happy to talk about their needs and which lessons might suit them best

- 03/06/2015

Classes to suit all abilities. Lots of locations and times so can usually find a class on a day/time to suit. Teachers really good with the children and encourage them to push themselves.

Kelly Freestone
- 03/06/2015

Would highly recommend WetWetWet as my children’s confidence has grown hugely and they can’t wait for their weekly swimming lesson.

Emma Bialik
- 03/06/2015

WetWetWet swimming instructors are friendly but get the kids to try their best all the time. Eva age ‘6’ says ‘I love swimming – Wednesdays are the best!

Natalie Cherubini
- 03/06/2015

The swim school coaches and staff are great. Very caring to the kids. Never push them too much. Keep the classes fun. Always with a smile

Aby Chambers
- 03/06/2015

With sensible size classes, very friendly and informative instructors and super efficient certificate/badge/rebooking by emails, I’d highly recommend WetWetWet.

Helen Bland
- 03/06/2015

My son has been coming to lessons with WetWetWet for close to 18 months now. he struggled for a number of months with his swimming but both the teacher and assistant were incredibly patient with him and he is now swimming alongside children a year or two older than him. I would thoroughly recommend WetWetWet to any parent.

Nichola in Shoreham - by - Sea
- 01/05/2015

Erin LOVES swimming and is making brilliant progress. Before she started she was very nervous of the water and hated putting her face under. She is so much more confident now due to the excellent standards of teaching that create a safe and fun environment. Her teacher understands each childs individual needs and works with them to improve their ability. We love Wet Wet Wet.

Rachel - Mum of Erin
- 01/05/2015

Excellent customer relations, always so friendly and helpful. All my girls have lessons with wet wet wet and they absolutely love them...lovely teachers that recognise the individual child within the group. My daughters swimming has improved massively and they always have a smile on their faces during their lessons. Can't fault them. Would recommend to anyone.

Jayne, Mum of three, Hove
- 24/04/2015

My oldest son started with Wet wet wet five years ago and has been supported and progressed through the levels and is now an amazingly competent swimmer in pools and the sea. His teacher has persevered with him even when he was off on another planet and it must have frustrated his teacher. The same teacher has supported my middle son who was crying when he first began and the teacher has boosted his confidence no end and he is doing amazingly. Finally my daughter started feeling not too confident about the size of the pool as she started at 3 years old to do a crash course in preparation for starting in September and another different amazing teacher gave her the confidence and encouragement and she achieved her 25 meter badge at 3 years 8 months. She now swims brilliantly with another teacher who is equally as skilled. I cannot believe what they have achieved with all the children. Briony who runs Wet Wet Wet has always been very helpful and goes out of her way to make sure you are happy with everything and will always get back to you regarding anything. I would highly recommend them.

Lisa Hassocks mum of Nathan (9) Hayden (7) Amelia (5)
- 23/04/2015

We'd struggled to find swimming lessons that worked for my two in the past and had resorted to 1:1 lessons, so we weren't sure whether group lessons would work out this time. But wetwetwet is different. Both my children have done amazingly well. The ratios are great, with two adults (the teacher and an assistant) managing their small class of around 5 children, so everyone gets all the attention they need. The Lewes venue is in a very small, calm pool which is reassuring for nervous swimmers. Most of all Denise the teacher is a true professional and handles even anxious or reluctant children with confidence and positivity to help every child get the best out of the lessons. The classes are a little bit more expensive than the larger Leisure Centre classes, but for us, the unique features of wetwetwet classes make it worth every penny. Thank you!

Eleanor, Mum of two, Lewes
- 22/04/2015

Both my kids have thoroughly enjoyed all lessons. When my son began he was very nervous about going in without me. He started with the Summer Crash Course and by day 2 the teachers had him laughing and joking and by the end was completely comfortable with any teachers. So much so we signed up for lessons after. My daughter wasn't very strong physically when she started and overwhelmed by the size of the pool, but now comfortably swims lengths. The teachers have a perfect balance between encouragement and coaching. The staff who work out the lesson timetables have been amazingly accommodating too, always promptly answering emails and staff on site really approachable. Highly recommended!

Malenka, Mum of Lola 7 and Herbie 5, Hassocks
- 22/04/2015

Hi, Thanks so much, Max loved swimming on Wednesday with Colin and I have paid the full term fees to ensure he can come back every Wednesday! We are loving the service you provide, so professional and the teachers are so enthusiastic, it's wonderful. Best wishes, Lesley

May I take this opportunity to say that my son had been with one of your competitors for two years and was making little progress towards swimming independently. Since joining Tom's class, my son has gone from strength to strength. I couldn't be happier with the teaching that my son enjoys.

WetWetWet are the first swim school that families should contact. They are outstanding. The teachers are fantastic, give genuine praise and feedback and the kids really respect the team. As a parent I feel that the kids are in a safe environment and are progressing three times as fast as they would in some other classes. Molly who is 8 took a while to learn that the classes need focus but she now really appreciates that the hard work they put in has taught her so much. She loves it. The swim lessons are well worth the money and I highly recommend WetWetWet to any family.

Thank you so much for sorting lesson yesterday. Lola totally loved it. Was a little teary but instructors both dealt with it brilliantly, Very impressed. When I asked her whether she liked it better than other lessons she said my arms don't reach to show you how much I prefer it! Thanks so much again. We'll be there next week. Lots of love Malenka Xxx

Hi Briony, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent swimming lessons that all three of my children have received this week. Having had experience of other swim schools I could not believe how much attention and care your swimming teachers showed to the children. My children actually swam and showed progress and that was just in the first lesson!! So thank you again. I am thrilled. Best wishes Jenny xx

Hi, We are really impressed with your teachers (especially the main one who teaches Leo). You really seem to be pushing them and Leo is having lots of fun too. It's great. Thanks! Best wishes, Emma

Hello, I would also like to take this opportunity to say how happy we are with …… ‘s progress with swimming. Alex and Laura are fantastic and we are very grateful. Many thanks and have a great Christmas, Laura

Hi Briony, I am writing to let you know that we, very sadly, will not be returning to wet wet wet in January 2014. We are changing schools in January and will be having an extended day at her new school; also she will swim twice a week at school. I would like to take this opportunity to send you all a massive big thank you!! All your staff have been amazing, from Jeanette your co-coordinator, kitty your young help and of course the "amazing matt!!" Our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her time with wet wet, I cannot praise you all enough for the expert tuition your team has given her over the years. Wishing you and the team a very merry Christmas!! Kindest regards ally

Hi Briony, My husband was very impressed with the swimming lessons - he took the kids last Saturday and thought your swimming school was much better than the kids' previous one! Speak soon, Kind regards, Shosh

Hello Briony, Just wanted to say the lesson for our son was a big success!! He completely amazed me by swimming almost the whole length of the pool, putting his face in the water and jumping in all of which he has resisted for me and my husband. It was obviously meant to be that he joined this class and not the 3.40 one, and it seems that peer pressure has done him the world of good! Thanks again. Penny x

Dear Briony, Just want to say well done to you and your instructors, all of the children seemed to be happy and improved rapidly. Our daughter used to cry when she went into water, now she swims like a fish, with no fear of water at all. I thought I just let you know that. Bye for now Hong