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Pool locations

1. Surrenden Pool, Surrenden Road, Brighton

2. Roedean, Roedean Road, Kemptown, Brighton

3. Robins Garth, Henfield Rd, Samll Dole

4. Patcham High School, Patcham, Brighton

6. Hangleton School, Dale View, Hangleton

8. West Hove School, Portland Road, Hove.

9. The Towers, Upper Beeding.

10. Ovingdean - Greenways, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 7BA


SURRENDEN - Surrenden Pool is an indoor heated swimming pool, set within the Varndean / Balfour / Stringer School area. The pool building has comfortable seating for 30+ spectators. The pool itself measures 25 metres in length by 10 metres in width. The depth is varying with a large area of shallow water at 1 metre going down to 2.8 metres in the deep end

roedean - Roedean School has an indoor heated swimming pool with toilet, shower and changing facilities on site. The building has comfortable seating for 50+ spectators. The pool itself measures approximately 25m in length by 12m in width. The depth is varying with the shallow end at 1m and the deep end at 3m.

Small Dole - based within a private residence, this is perfect for CHILDREN OF ALL AGES - beginners through to stage 4 swimmers building confidence and happiness in the water. Measuring just short of 8m in length by nearly 5m wide, the pool is of one depth. The Pool temperature is kept at a snug 33-34 deg C. making this pool a great choice for younger children and beginners.

This lovely pool is easily accessible to those living and going to school in Upper Beeding, Henfield, Steyning, Storrington, Fulking and Poynings, it is also not too far from Worthing and Horsham...

Patcham - Patcham Pool is 20m in length by 7m wide. Half of the pool is of a shallow depth, which then slopes off to a deep end of 1.7m. There is a metal handrail close to the water and the pool perimeter. The water temperature should be 29 degrees centigrade. The changing rooms for both male and female enter straight into the pool. Each has bathroom facilities within.
There is an additional changing room for a disabled users consisting of a changing area and toilet facilities.
This pool is perfect for beginners as it has such a large shallow end, but it is also great for our pupils to continue improving their stroke technique and endurance levels as it is almost full length.

Lewes - Our new Lewes Pool is just gorgeous, being absolutely perfect for beginners through to stage 4-5 swimmers. There is an under water jet to further push the more advanced swimmer...The water temperature is warm, set to 34 degrees centigrade.
The pool is also designed for disabled use being wonderfully warm, having a hoist for pool access along with a fully equipped bathroom. There is an on site café with scrummy cakes in which you are able to sit and watch your children in their swimming lessons. This pool is open all year round.

hangleton - The heated pool at Hangleton school is one depth, 1m and measures approximately 6m across by 15m in length. Being fairly shallow this pool is great for eradicating any discomfort around water. Being of a good length the pool is perfect for our pupils to continue improving their stroke technique and endurance levels.

west hove - The heated pool at West Hove school is of one depth - .75 m and measures approximately 5.5m across by 14m in length.

The Towers - This Upper Beeding pool is a larger pool suitable for progressing our West Sussex swimmers. It has a fantastic deep end with diving blocks. The pool is a fantastic opportunity in West Sussex to get your children of different ages and abilities swimming at the same venue on the same day. The pool is kept at 31 deg so comfortable for all stages of swimmer. Changing is spacious and the pool is set within the lovely grounds of the Towers Convent private school.

Ovingdean - Ovingdean pool is a warm pool heated at a snug 31oC with toilet, shower and changing facilities on site, making it the perfect place for a winter dip! Situated just 3 miles from Brighton Marina, the pool is in a beautiful setting. The swimming pool is 12m in length by 6m in width with a varying depth. The deep end is 1.8m, making this pool suitable for beginners but is also great for pupils improving strokes and distance and diving practice. There is plenty of on-site parking available.

Windlesham Pool - We are very excited to have acquired this lovely new swimming pool on the Brighton & Hove, border, easy to reach for all Brightonians and out of towners! The pool is 15m in length, lovely and warm and has a fantastic long shallow end, making it a great option for beginners. The pool graduates down into a good depth of 1.8m allowing our swimmers the opportunity to also be out of their depth, practicing jumps and diving along with all other deep water activities...
Windlesham pool is set within the grounds of Windlesham private school on the Dyke Road near BHASVIC college/7-dials. Parking is 'on street' - this really is a fabulous new addition to our pool venues.