freqently asked questions


How long will it take my son/daugter to become an accomplished swimmer?

Please do not expect your child or yourself to make equal and constant progress every lesson. Learning to swim is not the easiest of accomplishments for all people. In particular the breathing technique can be especially difficult and may take several lessons before the pupil can master it. It is common for pupils, especially children, to appear to make no progress at all at some stage, in fact they may even regress for several lessons. Please be patient, it will not be for want of trying by the teachers and they understand it is part of the learning process. Parents should try not to convey anxiety over thitheir child. We teach them all to swim! Some make rapid progress, some take longer! Your enthusiasm and support for their effort is vital.


Now my son/daughter can swim can I assume they are safe around the pool on holiday/at the beach in the summer?

The ability to swim will not, in itself, prevent tragic accidents from occurring in and around water. Young children need to be introduced to all aspects of water safety from an early age to enable them to enjoy the pleasures which water can bring, but with sufficient knowledge to ensure their safety.


What about health and safety?

Well maintained and monitored pools pose very little threat to you or your child's health. Filter systems efficiently remove unwanted solid matter while chlorine kills practically all germs. In fact, your home bath and bathwater are more likely to make you ill. Remember also that water is not the only way that bacteria and viruses are transported. Many germs travel through air, while others are transmitted through person to person contact. At least in the pool, water born germs are at a disadvantage because of the chlorine's instant killing effect.


Consequently, we ask that you respect our precautionary health rules and refrain from lessons if your child is suffering from any of the following complaints:


-  Fever - Cold Sores – Conjunctivitis - Urinary Tract Infections - Vomiting and diarrhea (within the last 24 hours) - Ringworm - Any other contagious disease.


Hair - please ensure all long hair is back and off your child's face. Roedean School insists that all children wear swimming hats. Please see WetWetWet Shop.

Jewellery/Earrings - please remove all jewellery before swimming - if you have recently had your ears pierced, please see your swimming tutor.

Goggles - Swimming pools are required to maintain very stringent chemical levels in the pool water. These chemicals can irritate the eyes. We strongly recommend that every swimmer has small goggles with the pupils name written on the head band in bold letters. Most children will close their eyes under the water if they do not have goggles, giving a feeling of disorientation. "Imagine learning to ride a bike with your eyes closed." You can do it but progress is slow. Goggles can make a significant difference to the speed of the learning process. Please see WetWetWet Shop.