teens & adults - swim for fitness!

Our Swim for fitness programme is suitable for anyone that can swim 200m or more. You will also need to be comfortable swimming at least three of the four strokes. We will provide you with an hour’s FUN swimming lesson that will tone you up and keep you fit whilst also improving your stroke technique and skills such as starts and turns.

The classes will combine swimming with exercises and stretches in the pool. Our swimmers will be grouped into ability levels so we can optimise the exercise programme to meet people’s fitness needs with their current ability. We will be doing time trials and races, just like we do with our Swim Squad, keeping our lessons fun and motivational.

Each session will normally include

  • Warm up – to include light pool-based exercise designed to get your body ready for action.
  • Skill development - helping you develop your technique.
  • Main set - This is where the action takes place.
  • Swim down - a gentle swim and stretch to finish the session helping to bring your heart rate back to normal.

Even if you are a keen swimmer, repetitive lengths can get boring! But, there are huge benefits to be gained from exercising in water for people of all abilities.


There are some great reasons for adding swimming to your work-out regime. Here are a few:

  • Studies have shown that swimming and running have similar health benefits and can be used together for cross training purposes.
  • Different swimming strokes challenge different muscles within the body so you can target groups for development.
  • Because water is about 800 times denser than air, you can work harder in a pool than out of it.
  • Water-based exercise enables a maximum range of motion and provides multi-directional ‘full body’ resistance that is 12 to 14 times greater than exercising on dry land.

Swimming is also a good option for anyone recovering from an injury, as exercising in the water is non weight bearing. Swimming can reduce the risk of illnesses, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as well as being an effective stress reliever.